The Strong St. Moses


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About him they tell the story that [four] thieves once came to him and went into his cell, because they did not know who he was. He tied them all together with cords and lifted them up on his shoulders like a bag of chopped straw. He brought them to the brethren in the church, and said to the brethren, “Since I have not the power to do evil to any man, what do you command me to do to those who rose up against me to slay me?” Now at that time Moses had been fasting for seven days, and he had eaten nothing. After he had done this he informed the thieves, saying, “I indeed am Moses who was formerly the captain of a band of thieves.”

Having heard this, they praised and glorified God. When they saw the sincerity of his repentance they also removed themselves from their evil deeds, and said within themselves, “Let us also draw near to repentance, so that we may become worthy of the forgiveness of sins, even as he also is worthy.”

Pg. 11-12