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How did the monks of the Egyptian desert fight against the demons that attacked them with tempting thoughts? How could Christians resist the thoughts of gluttony, fornication, or pride that assailed them and obstructed their contemplation of God? According to Evagrius of Pontus (345 ‘399), one of the greatest spiritual directors of ancient monasticism, the [...]


Size: 17″x13″




This album consists of hymns from various church seasons, aiding in our liturgical worship and understanding of the hymns. 1. Introduction Prayer (H.G. Bishop Basil) 2. The 4th Canticle 3. Let Us Praise the Lord 4. The Hymn of the Ten Strings 5. The 3rd Canticle (Bright Saturday) 6. I Sought After You 7. Hail [...]

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St. Moses Gift Bag


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Bible Stories

My Bath Bible


My Bath Bible gives every child a new way to enjoy the bath time with light Bible stories and quality time with parents. The text in these stories leads to important questions about who made us, gratefulness, happiness, courage, salvation, and love. My Bath Bible can handle everything from water and mud to biting and [...]


Perfect for an on-the-go storytime or a fast bedtime reading for sleepy kids, Very Veggie 5-Minute Stories brings fans a new collection of nine VeggieTales adventures. As the Veggie cast stumbles and sprints through hilarious scenarios, children will learn values such as being patient, being responsible, loving others, and doing their best. Full-color illustrations accompany [...]


Like the well-known “Where’s Wally” and “Where’s Waldo” concept, in this book children are to find the little boy Mini Mike. It’s not so easy! Hectic, full-to-bursting artwork threaten to confuse little curious eyes: try and find Mini-Mike somewhere between Pharaoh’s soldiers… or is he on the wall of Jericho… or feeding a donkey somewhere [...]

Bible Stories

My Big Handy Bible


My Big Handy Bible is our retold and illustrated Bible in a large format for ages 3-7, with 40 of the most loved Bible stories beautifully illustrated. Simple, kid-friendly language and bright artwork teeming with color and life convey the Bible message for kids, in a useful, big format, that works really well when reading [...]


Get ready to read through 22 of the most famous Bible stories in the Ready Set Find Bible. Children will be fully engaged in each story as they look for more than 190 different objects to be found in this exciting book. This lively and colorfully illustrated Bible is sure to be a favorite for [...]


Here is a Bible that teaches children what God’s Word says while engaging them in fun and challenging activities. After each Bible story are word searches, puzzles, and other entertaining and challenging activities. Beautiful color illustrations help children visualize the story of God’s love from the beginning with Adam and Eve to King David to [...]


Get ready to meet Jesus, who is the Son of God! When you help find all the things in the picture, you are sure to learn a lot from Him as well. So, on your mark, Ready-Set-Find!