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From the well known author, Fr. Tadros Yacoub Malaty, comes a beautifully composed summary of significant biblical narratives, accompanied by traditional Coptic illustrations depicting each momentous account. This book will help all ages, starting with children, and extending to parents and anyone entrusted with the religious education of youth, to appreciate the New Testament and [...]


The Nativity and Me is a book characterising the transformative aspects of the journey from the Annunciation to the Epiphany. While contemplating on the events of the Nativity of Christ, Fr Bishoy Kamel helps the reader relate these events to our everyday events. In this book Fr Bishoy Kamel provides deep contemplations inspired from ancient [...]


“Translated from the SYNAXARION, the APOCRYPHA, and Sacred Tradition of the Orthodox Church, and simplified for older children and adults” this book contains full page iconographic style line drawings to accompany the text on various events in the life of the Theotokos. Ideal teaching tool. Hronas, Georgia & Helen. 65 pages.


Saint Stories

St. Mary the Theotokos

Book cover has minor imperfections.


By: H.G. Bishop Youssef Dimensions:11.5 x 8.5


In a faraway country in Africa, Mwangi lives in a small village where he helps his mother with their family. He yearns to go to school, where the world will open up for him. One day an Orthodox priest arrives in Mwangi’s village, and everything changes . . . As an overseas missionary with the [...]


Beautiful icon of the St. Karas. Dimensions: 29″x22″

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