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Engage your children with this activity book while praying and paying attention to the Holy Liturgy. For each part of the liturgy, there is a designated activity where the kids listen to the prayer in order to complete the activity. Stickers included! Suited for children 5-9 years old This great book is created by Meritte [...]


Teach your children about what is the Synixarium through this simplified Synixarium book for kids. The child will be introduced to what are the Coptic calendar and the names of the Coptic months. The purpose of this book is to: Get introduced to the Coptic letters and their pronunciation Learn how to read and write [...]


Let’s go to the Liturgy: What you see? The Orthodox Church is filled with symbolism and richness reminding us of our communion with our Creator. Symbolism for Kids is designed to help children navigate their way through liturgical symbols, objects and practice in an effort to teach more about the Church and the Orthodox faith. [...]


Illustrated Children’s St Basil Liturgy 149 pages By Fr. Beniameen B. Morgan Illustrated by Eva Edward

Bible Stories

The Story of the Copts


What is The Story of the Copts? The Story of the Copts is 32-page hardcover picture book that is the perfect gift for a Coptic child! Who is The Story of the Copts for? The Story of the Copts is for any Coptic child who would appreciate a story about his or her people written [...]


A is for altar, H is for holy, P is for Prayer. Introduce young children to the Orthodox faith as they explore elements and practices found in the Orthodox Church. From the altar table to Zacchaeus perched in the sycamore tree, this simple book offers not just an alphabet, but a first taste of a [...]


Now available, the Liturgy of St. Basil in easy-to-read English with attractive pictures. These books will help our children build strong foundations with the Eucharist. Pages: 36 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


Now available, the Agpeya prayers of the First, Eleventh, and Twelfth Hours in simple English. With attractive images, we can now teach our children how to start and end their days with prayers. Pages: 39 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


In a faraway country in Africa, Mwangi lives in a small village where he helps his mother with their family. He yearns to go to school, where the world will open up for him. One day an Orthodox priest arrives in Mwangi’s village, and everything changes . . . As an overseas missionary with the [...]




Snuggles is the story of a real bunny who shared the author’s home and heart for many years. Snuggles is an adopted bunny whose human “mommy” is searching for God in all sorts of different places. When Snuggles becomes seriously ill, his distraught mommy reaches out to God in prayer. The story of how God [...]


Annie’s going for a walk in the woods with her angel. For everything Annie hears in the woods, a frog, a bird, a brook, a breeze the angel hears a corresponding song of praise in heaven. The author/illustrator team that brought you And Then Nicholas Sang now shows young children that heaven and earth are [...]

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