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Bible Stories

Prepare O Bethlehem


The Orthodox Church’s hymns of the prefeast and feast of the Nativity of our Lord celebrate and proclaim in word and song the celestial joy of the incarnation. These beloved texts, so wonderfully illustrated by Niko Chocheli, are filled with beauty and power. They tell in a touching way of the all-embracing participation of creatures [...]


Story of the New Testament (Arabic) – For Children. Fr. Tadros Malaty 280 Pages


Story of the Old Testament (Arabic) – For Children. Fr. Tadros Malaty 550 Pages


Now available, the lives of Coptic Orthodox saints in a new, fun, and colorful way. Finally, a great opportunity to learn about Coptic Orthodox saints in easy-to-read English and attractive drawings about these amazing lives. Pages: 16 Size: 4″ x 6″


Size 12″


St. Mary the mother of God

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Liturgy for Teens


The Liturgy brings God, humanity and the world together, it’s a mini incarnation, an incarnation of sound, smell, taste and touch. Salvation in the Orthodox church comes through union and intimacy with God, finding its greatest expression in the liturgy. The liturgy is the moment of unity between all of creation throughout all the ages [...]


St Mercurius was born to Christian parents in a time of severe prosecution, an officer in the Mareusian army, the young soldier Mercurius defeated the whole army of the Barbarians with the sword entrusted to him by the angel of the Lord. Refusing to worship foreign Gods, Mercurius endured great trials for the sake of [...]


Wood Disciples Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle. 9.75″ x 9.75″


by Laura E. Wolfe Many centuries ago in the wilds of Africa, a startling and mystical friendship developed between a lion and a saint. St. Gerasim served the lion by removing a thorn from its paw, and in turn the lion served St. Gerasim and his monastery for the rest of his life. This small [...]


Abbey’s Acrylic Snakes & Ladders Board Game 7 x 7″


Abbey’s Acrylic XO Board Game 7 x 7″