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Hymn Notes Large


Full-color, easy-to-read hymn notes. Notes are color coded to allow for readers to follow along smoothly. The hymns for the following Feasts and Fasts are included: 1. Annual 2. Feast of the Cross 3. Koiahk 4. Nativity 5. Epiphany 6. Great Lent 7. Holy Week 8. Resurrection to Pentecost 9. Apostle’s Fast Dimensions: 11″x8.75″


Monastic Treasures for All of Us gathers together a collection of homilies and lectures given by the Thrice-Bless Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory, the 117th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Although these homilies were delivered to monastic communities, the spiritually nourishing teachings reflect on biblical teachings that are applicable to all [...]


Saint Theodora


Youssef Habib was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1909. He was fluent in the Coptic Language and dedicated the latter part of his life as a consecrated servant devoting his life, time, and efforts to the study and writing of saints’ biographies. Searching through various manuscripts in the monasteries, he discovered many unknown saints and [...]


St. John Chrysostom wrote two letters to his friend Theodore, who along with St. John and his friend Basil, committed to a life of celibacy and spiritual living; however, Theodore was unable to keep his commitments and later fell into lustful passions and strayed quite afar off from godliness. These letters are St. John’s heartfelt [...]