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Everyone experiences new years in life, whether on their birthday or at the beginning of a calendar year. In this book, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III (1923-2012), 117th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, gives advice and encouragement on effective ways to start anew. “A New Heart and a New [...]


The Coptic Orthodox Church was very purposeful in her choice for each day’s readings. In this work, translated from what was published originally in Arabic in 1958, Archdeacon Banoub Abdou (1900-1967) attempted to shed light on this wisdom. Annually, there are five Katameros books in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Katameros is a Greek word found [...]

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In A Dry Land


Finn, Theodore, and Toni dreaded spending their summer vacation at a Coptic monastery in the Mojave Desert. When their Sunday school teacher takes a shortcut off road and their bus splutters to a stop, the three kids are left stranded in the unforgiving desert. Join them on their journey as they struggle to survive and [...]

Arabic Books

A- Paradise of Keraza


This book comprises a compilation of 125 articles in Arabic, of His Grace Bishop Youssef’s articles which were published in the El Keraza Magazine (the main Christian magazine published by the Coptic Patriarchate in Egypt). Publisher : St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey Press (October 21, 2022) Language : Arabic Paperback : 340 pages


This third book in Counseling Series II: Marriage provides guidance for how to maintain familial relationships, focusing on communication, necessary virtues for healthy relationships, the Christian family, and relationships with family members. The last section of this book contains questions asked at the end of several homilies and lectures and His Grace’s answers. This counseling [...]


This fourth book in Counseling Series II: Marriage provides guidance regarding challenges in family life (concerns, setbacks, and resolving conflict). The last section of this book contains questions asked at the end of several homilies and lectures and His Grace’s answers. This counseling series is composed of several homilies and lectures by His Grace Bishop [...]


Deacon Albair Mikhail, known for his contributions to preserving the rich heritage of hymns and rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church, provides a series of books on Coptic Orthodox Liturgical History, focused on uncovering the origins, development, and contemporary implications of Coptic rites and traditions in worship of God. 512 Pages


The HOLY PASCHA – BOOK 2: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Liturgical History & Rites of the Prayers Paperback – July 29, 2022 This publication was originally available in Arabic in a series of books called Al-Durra al-?aqsiyya Li-l-Kanisa al- Qib?iyya (The Ritual Gem of the Coptic Church). It outlines the spiritual and deep rituals of [...]


THE DICTIONARY OF ECCLESIASTICAL TERMS Paperback – September 17, 2021 651 Pages

Books and Media

Inner Healing


Throughout our lives, we inevitably face conflict with those around us-those we live with, those in the church community, those at work and those with whom we interact in our daily lives. As conflict arises, we have a choice regarding how to deal with it. Generally, there are two approaches to conflict resolution: a worldly [...]


This historical fiction novel describes the life of the Coptic Christians a century after the Arab conquest of Egypt. It is being published posthumously, from the Egyptian author Iris Habib El-Masry (1910-1994), known for her “Story of the Coptic Church,” the first comprehensive book on Coptic history that follows a modern historical approach. This novel [...]


Counseling Series I: Raising Children Becoming parents is a great blessing, but it is also a great challenge. Anyone who is called to serve the children of God has a significant role in contributing to the spiritual development and wellbeing of the youth. This book is derived from several homilies and lectures by His Grace [...]

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