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A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers

Bible Studies

Of Prophets and Poets


Antioch Fathers on the Bible By: Robert Charles Hill


Instructions, Letters & Other Writings


Pachomian Chronicles and Rules


The Life of Saint Pachomius


Gregory of Narek’s Commentary on the Song of Songs Translated from the Armenian by: Roberta Ervine

Character Study

Christ in His Saints


In this long-awaited sequel to Christ in the Psalms, popular pastor and scholar, Patrick Henry Reardon, once again applies his keen intellect to a topic he loves most dearly. Here he examines the lives of almost one hundred and fifty saints and heroes from the Scriptures, everyone from Abigail to Zephaniah, Adam to St. John [...]


The Spirituality of the Christian East By: Thomas Spidlik


The Treasures of the Fathers of the Church By: Saint Paul Brotherhood


Separated by schism from greek and latin Christians and surviving under arab-islamic suzerainty, the Church of Egypt produced insightful saints and heroic martyrs in a chapter in church history now opened to readers of English for the first time. Coptic Church Tradition


In Thy Presence


These meditations are written in the form of God speaking to the reader as to His loved and valued child in order to reveal the nature of His love more clearly in its depth, its splendour and its tenderness. Some of them open our minds to the immense energy of love in the universe. Others [...]


“No one fully understands the mystery of death. People of all faiths wrestle with its meaning, striving to answer fundamental questions. Does death make irrelevant all we have experienced? Does God await us after death? What happens to us after we die? In this book Dr. Chirban explains how Orthodox Christians turn to the reality [...]