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Alphabetical Index of Saints And Fathers Author: Magdi Malek Pages: 72

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Four Egyptian Martyrs


In the early fourth century, under the reign of the emperor Diocletian, followers of the Christian Faith experienced a sustained and systematic campaign of fierce persecution at the hands of the Roman authorities. The aim of this persecution was nothing less than the entire abolition of the true Faith and the utter destruction of the [...]


JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF THE DESERT The Desert Fathers left us their lives as guides so that we could follow their footprints to the priceless peace found only in God. “One day as I, Paphnutios, was praying in solitude and silence, it came into my mind that I should make a visit to all [...]

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Saint Anthony the Great


THE FATHER OF ORTHODOX MONASTICISM “Look earnestly into what is written in this book, and you will learn everything exactly regarding the life of virtue.” —St. John Chrysostom “If thou wouldest be perfect, go, sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come, follow Me, and thou shalt have treasure in the [...]


The Life of Saint Daniel the Stylite LIVING THE ANGELIC LIFE BETWEEN EARTH AND HEAVEN Atop a pillar, just shy of heaven, rivers of miracles flowed from the man of God into the entire world. Born through the tearful prayers of his barren mother, who then dedicated her child to God, Saint Daniel embraced the [...]


The stories of St. Thekla, St. Juliana, St. Perpetua, St. Felicitas, St. Anna the Prophetess, St. Paula, St. Barbara, St. Mary of Egypt, and others are told by women, who also share their stories. Inspiring, revealing, funny, and sad, the authors explore how the witness of these women has influenced their lives. 196 Pages


Every chapter of this book is the result of the authors’ penetrating research, as well as personal spiritual engagement with the women saints being studied. In addition, each chapter includes questions for further personal reflection or group discussion. The results of this collaboration bring vividly to life a number of well-known and lesser-known women saints. [...]


The Miracles Of The Great Martyer Philopater Mercurius Abu Seifein


The Miracles Of The Great Martyer Philopater Mercurius Abu Seifein


Hardcover This is the first comprehensive work published on the life of Habib Girgis. By the mid-nineteenth century, the Coptic Orthodox Church was in a state of deep vulnerability that tore at the very fabric of Coptic identity. In response, Girgis dedicated his life to advancing religious and theological education.


In the autumn of 1892 a young Russian peasant named Simeon from the province of Tambov was drawn to that ancient repository of Orthodox spirituality, Mt Athos. He had done his military service and now came to the Russian Monastery of St Panteleimon to embark on long years of spiritual combat lasting until his death [...]


St. Mary the mother of God

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