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When we face hardships in our lives, we sometimes accuse God that he has forsaken us or that He no longer cares for us.The story of Jonah the prophet is a story that illustrates that this is not God’s true position towards us during these hard times. The story of Jonah is a story full [...]


His Grace Bishop Macarious of El Minya, Egypt, expounds upon several practical topics relevant to the Christian life: Sanctifying the Moment, Life of Submission, Prostrations, Habit Formation, Redeeming the Time, Self-Examination, The Virtue of Asceticism, and the Virtue of Thanksgiving


The Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. THE WAY TO PRAYER AND BLESSEDNESS The Father of the Fathers expounds upon the most important Gospel passages. “Prayer is intimacy with God and spiritual vision of the invisible. It satisfies all our yearnings and makes us equal to the angels. Through it good prospers, evil is destroyed, and [...]


THE HARP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The master of compunction, Saint Ephraim’s words prepare the soul for prayer, opening the heart to receive the grace of God. Not even the hardest of hearts can remain unmoved by Saint Ephraim the Syrians’ writings on compunction or by his very vivid descriptions of the Last Judgement. For [...]


We call ourselves sinners in much of our church life. Yet the sinner identity when done right brings peace of mind, a clear conscience, and love for others. Addressing topics like guilt, shame, and self-care, this compassionate guide will help you reflect on your life in surrender to God s mercy. Written by an internationally [...]


By: Fr. Beniameen Morgan Eucharist is the sacrament of Christ’s presence in the midst of His people, as He sat among His disciples in the upper room and substituted presence for presence. He substituted presence in the bread and wine for presence in the flesh. He substituted presence in His disciples that gathers and unites [...]

Books and Media

Hymns of Repentance


Popular Patristics Series Volume 61 St Romanos the Melodist composed many hymns in Constantinople during the reign of Emperor Justinian, an age of political and cultural transformation, when the synthesis of Christian, Roman, and Greek elements gave birth to a new civilization. Romanos straddled the worlds of antiquity and Byzantium, and his hymns are a [...]


Return to Me


“Return to Me, and I will return to you” is God’s call to man, recorded in the Books of Zechariah and Malachi in the Old Testament. In this booklet, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III (1923-2012), 117th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, contemplates the deep feelings and meanings carried within [...]

Character Study

If We Confess Our Sins


A practical guide, offering the reader words of encouragement on preparing for confession.


The Life of Repentance and Purity provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the practice of repentance and purity, essential aspects of Christian life. Pope Shenouda III draws on Scripture, the Church Fathers, his own experience of desert monasticism, and his experience as a shepherd to millions of Christians to provide a practical understanding of [...]


Monastic Treasures for All of Us gathers together a collection of homilies and lectures given by the Thrice-Bless Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory, the 117th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Although these homilies were delivered to monastic communities, the spiritually nourishing teachings reflect on biblical teachings that are applicable to all [...]


Saint Theodora


Youssef Habib was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1909. He was fluent in the Coptic Language and dedicated the latter part of his life as a consecrated servant devoting his life, time, and efforts to the study and writing of saints’ biographies. Searching through various manuscripts in the monasteries, he discovered many unknown saints and [...]

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