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Father Jack sparks has drawn upon several versions of a classic sixteenth-century treatise, “Spiritual Combat,” originally written to guide monks in their labors to attain union with God. Though Western in origin, the profound spiritual insights of “Spiritual Combat” were recognized by Eastern writers such as Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain and Saint Theophan the [...]


Eastern and Western Christians share a rich spiritual heritage in the Hours of Prayer the brief services of praise and psalmody that mark the progress of each day, sanctifying the hours of our lives. In this gem of a book, Patricia Egan digs deeply into the meaning of each of the Hours, drawing on poetry, [...]


Written for lay persons living in the world, this is an excellent resource for daily meditation, spiritual guidance and a revitalized religious life. Succinct yet profound extracts from the Fathers, with commentary.


This is a book for those of us who are struggling to establish an effective prayer life. Written neither for monastics or scholars, A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer speaks to the average man or woman on the street who desires a deeper relationship with God but is unsure how or where to begin. Drawing from [...]


A Beginner’s Guide to Spirituality Spirituality is in! Monks go platinum with recordings of chant, and books on self-help spirituality overflow supermarket bookracks. But what is the meaning of true spirituality? Aren’t we all a little confused? Genuine spirituality keeps us in balance with God, our neighbor, and the material world. Fr. Michael Keiser walks [...]


The 19th century Russian spiritual classic on prayer, The Way of a Pilgrim, and its sequel, The Pilgrim Continues His Way, have long fascinated those who have stumbled on this winsome tale. First published in Russian in 1884 under the title, Candid Narratives of a Pilgrim to His Spiritual Father, this religious masterpiece recounts the [...]


The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life By: Sebastian Brock From the semitic-aramaic spirituality of the early Church to the Hellenized theological Vision of later centuries, the Syrian tradition offers modern Christians an intensity, insights, and an immediacy rare in the West.

Desert Fathers

The Praktikos


The living link through whom the ascetic principles of hellenistic philosophers passed into monasticism, Evagrius molded christian asceticism through his own works and through his influence on John Cassian, Climacus, Pseudo ‘Denis, and Saint Benedict.


A complete collection of prayers for different hours of the day, this volume is designed to make Orthodox spirituality accessible. Almost all the selected prayers are based on the Bible, and express praise and thanksgiving for the greatness of God. By: Bishop Kallistos Ware


A Prayerbook for Orthodox Young Adults The very popular prayerbook for Orthodox youth, Hear Me, has now been revised to include more prayers, answer more questions, and tackle additional difficult subject matter that our young people are constantly faced with. At 4” x 6” the prayerbook is designed to fit their lifestyles better, in a [...]