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The Fifty Spiritual Homilies St. Makarios the Great THE GUIDEBOOK FOR FINDING GOD Quite simply one of the greatest works ever written, the Fifty Spiritual Homilies are light-bearing gifts from the Holy Spirit. In the collection of the Fifty Spiritual Homilies, Saint Makarios describes the different effects of the grace of God within us. By [...]


The Sayings of the Desert Fathers FOLLOWING THE FATHER’S FOOTPATHS TO HEAVEN A precious collection of the wisdom of the saints in memorable sayings saturated in grace. The Desert Fathers lived in silence, fasting, and prayer, and found hesychia—the deep inner stillness that leads the soul to spiritual peace and perfect union with God. Concentrating [...]


On the Power of Man to Resist the Devil. THE ARMOR OF ORTHODOXY The devil and his demons thrive in the world, but no one can injure the man who does not injure himself. The most eloquent of all the Fathers, Saint John Chrysostom’s preaching was based on Holy Scripture, whose honey he had gathered [...]


The Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. THE WAY TO PRAYER AND BLESSEDNESS The Father of the Fathers expounds upon the most important Gospel passages. “Prayer is intimacy with God and spiritual vision of the invisible. It satisfies all our yearnings and makes us equal to the angels. Through it good prospers, evil is destroyed, and [...]


PERHAPS THE MOST INSPIRING NARRATIVE OF THE JOURNEY TO CEASELESS PRAYER OF THE HEART. The SAGOM Press Orthodox edition with previously omitted text restored from the original Russian manuscript This wonderful story about how a humble pilgrim found the gift of noetic prayer while living amidst the distractions of the world is a favorite and [...]


When You Pray & When You Fast 2-Book Set by L. Joseph Letendre SAVE OVER 10% when you purchase the 2-Book Set (When You Pray and When You Fast)! When You Pray Anyone who prays, or has tried to pray and given up in discouragement, knows praying – really praying – is not easy. Praying [...]


Description Praying with the Agpia teaches us how to converse with God; it contains supplication, gladness, joy, glorification, thanksgiving, and submission to God. It also includes the orthodox doctrine in detail, and reminds us of important events in the life of Jesus that must be kept in our minds throughout the day. It is a [...]


The nineteenth century in Russia was a time of considerable religious revival. Many thousands of ordinary people of all classes and callings flocked to elders, or startsi, for spiritual, and also temporal, advice. These startsi, who exercised a remarkable ministry, were generally monks, but one of the most famous — Fr John of Kronstadt — [...]


The Invocation of the Name of Jesus is a way of prayer perhaps more familiar to Christians of the East than of the West. In the Orthodox Church it is known under the name of the “Jesus Prayer” and it is widely practiced, not only in monasteries – for example, on Mount Sinai and Mount [...]


Scripture brings the Word of God to us when we read and welcome it in faith as the Word which comes from God and leads to God. Scripture is the means by which we live in God. The ancient monastic (and patristic) way of reading Scripture involves reflection (meditation) and prayer. It is listening to [...]


We all can admit that at one point or another, we have struggled with prayer. In the Bible, there are many people who struggled and succeeded in prayer, but none like Saint Paul. A man known for his incredible and complete life and faith revolution has lots to say and teach about prayer and how [...]


A dedicated group of Orthodox monks (who wish to remain anonymous) have created a fresh English translation of the Masoretic Hebrew text of the Psalter, corrected to the Septuagint, that is eminently readable and singable. Durable soft cover, with gold foil stamping.

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