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Exposition of the Holy Gospel According to Saint Luke – by St. Ambrose of Milan The first translation into English of a magnificent verse-by-verse commentary on Saint Luke’s Gospel by one of the greatest exegetes of the Orthodox Church in the West. An essential resource for clergy and laity alike, this is a valuable addition [...]


On Abraham By St. Ambrose of Milan A beautiful and inspiring account of the Holy Patriarch Abraham and of his moral and spiritual significance for Christians of all eras. Saint Ambrose places particular emphasis on Saint Abraham’s exemplary faith and obedience, showing how he thereby prefigures his children of the New Covenant.


Father Luigi Gambero, internationally-known expert on early Christianity, presents a comprehensive survey of the development of Marian doctrine and devotion during the first eight centuries. Focusing on the lives and works of over thirty of the most famous Church Fathers and early Christian writers, Fr. Gambero has produced a clear and readable summary of the [...]

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When the Church was Young


If the word trinity isn’t in Scripture, why is it such an important part of our faith? And if the Bible can be interpreted in may ways, how do we know what to nake of it? And who decided what should be in the Bible anyway? The Church Fathers provide the answers. These brilliant, embattled, [...]


Origen By: Fr. Tadros Malaty

Patristics & Patrology

On the Flesh of Christ


Tertullian’s “On the Flesh of Christ” is an important work of theology. Enjoy this classic!

Patristics & Patrology

Selected Works of Tertullian


This book includes many of Tertullian’s major works including An Apology and On the Flesh of Christ. Complete list below. Enjoy this classic work! Apology On Idolatry, The Shows, The Chaplet, To Scapula, Ad Nationes, An Answer to the Jews, The Soul’s Testimony, On the Soul, The Prescription Against Heretics, Against Hermogenes, Against the Valentinians, [...]

Patristics & Patrology

Prescription Against Heretics


Tertian’s Prescription Against Heretics is an important work of patristic theology, and an interesting look into the early heresies facing the church. Enjoy this classic!

Patristics & Patrology

The Apology


The Apology of Tertullian is an important work from this great Latin father. Enjoy this classic work!

Patristics & Patrology

Against Marcion


Against Marcion is a classic book written by Tertullian. Enjoy!

Patristics & Patrology

Tatian’s Address to the Greeks


Tatian the Assyrian (c. 120 – c. 180 AD) was an Assyrian early Christian writer and theologian of the 2nd century. This work includes, “Tatian’s Address to the Greeks”. Enjoy this classic!

Patristics & Patrology

The Fragments of Papias


Papias was an Apostolic Father, Bishop of Hierapolis (modern Pamukkale, Turkey), and author who lived circa 70–163 AD. It was Papias who wrote the Exposition of the Sayings of the Lord in five books. This work, which is lost apart from brief excerpts in later writings, is an important early source on Christian oral tradition [...]