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The funeral prayer is prayed on the monk during his ordination so as to raise him from the earthly life to a heavenly life. For this reason many people left the world and their family and lived in the deserts and caves longing for this life, the life of Christian perfection. Today many books are [...]


Though steeped in the ancient patristic and ascetic tradition, Theophan the Recluse was down-to-earth and very real, making profound, mystical realities understood by those he counseled. St. Theophan had the exceptional gift of being able to encourage all, no matter where they were on the spiritual path, to go further in their fight against the [...]


Eyewitness accounts of the lives and teachings of the fourth-century Desert Fathers from the Historia monachorum in Aegypto. In the year 394 seven monks from Palestine made a difficult journey through the Egyptian desert, drawn there by stories of remarkable men. What they found in the communities living far up the Nile Valley fully accorded [...]




The desert stood in stark opposition to the oikoumene, the inhabited world of the fourth century. Not because the world was a bad place, but because the desert —understood geographically, religiously, spiritually, and mystically — was the harsh, uncomprising place where the Christian could be perfected by God. Far from the Christian metropolis of Alexandria, [...]


Becoming Fire


The insights of the desert monks of the fifth and sixth centuries amaze, and startle, readers by their wisdom. Among other things, they teach that the first step in overcoming our sinfulness is an honest perception of things as they are. By arranging these “words” in short Daily readings, Tim Vivian invites modern readers to [...]


Beauty consuming itself like incense burnt before God in solitude: these stories of penitent women from the fourth- century egyptian desert fascinated Christians in antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages. “. . . without question, a book of very great importance for the reader of Christian monastic sources both timely and well done.” -Cistercian Studies [...]


Shenoute of Atripe, ranked second only to Pachomius for his contribution to the development of egyptian monasticism, is al but unknown outside the Coptic tradition. This first english translation of his Life, by his disciple and successor, casts new light on the austere monasticism of the fifth century.


Ascetic Discourses


The fourth-century ascetic flight to the desert indelibly marked Christianity. The faithful who did not embrace the austerity of the desert admired those who did and sought them out for counsel and consolation. The ‘words’ the monks gave were collected and passed around among those too far away or too feeble to make the trek [...]


Instructions, Letters & Other Writings


Pachomian Chronicles and Rules


The Life of Saint Pachomius