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Elder Mettaous


The late monk the very Rev Father Mettaous el Souriany was a great pillar of monasticism, both or the Sourian Monastery and across the monastic life in general. He came to the monastery at a young age of 22, and lived in the monastery for 60 years in moderate asceticism and true spirit of worship. [...]


Monastic Principles


Written by Fr. Raphael El-Baramousy of Blessed-Memory, this book lays out the principles of the monastic life as has been handed down by the great monastic fathers of the desert. Monastic life declares to the whole world the possibility of living a life of purity and righteousness on this earth despite all its worldly temptations. [...]


The Fifty Spiritual Homilies and the Great Letter The Fifty Homilies, in the form of a practical, monastic pedagogy, reveal the typical traits of Eastern Christian asceticism, with particular emphasis on the spiritual combat, the action of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of interior prayer. The Great Letter discusses the purging of the passions [...]


The Life and Conduct of the Holy and Blessed Teacher Synkletike By St. Athanasius the Apostolic The first accurate English translation of this classic work, it presents a brief account of St. Synkletike’s early years and her initial monastic struggles. There then follows a lengthy discourse on her teachings, which are presented as though she [...]


The narrow stretch of desert between the Jordan Valley and the hill country of Judea drew great biblical prophets ‘Elijah and John the Baptist ‘and unforgettable christian ascetics. Our best source of information on this movement from AD 400-600 comes from Cyril’s pen.


Cassian and the Fathers is the initial volume in the series of Novitiate Conferences of Thomas Merton, the classes he presented to young men beginning their monastic life at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. They contain Merton’s insights on important Patristic and monastic figures preceding the time of St. Benedict, above al John Cassian, [...]


This set includes four books discussing monasticism. Monastic Treasures for All of Us The Sublime Life of Monasticism Monasticism: Where the Journey Begins On the Monastic Life This bundle is a $46.99 value for only $42.99! For more information on each book, visit each item individually.


The monastic life was an integral part of H.H. Pope Shenouda III. Not only as a monk but also as a bishop. Later as the patriarch, he was very careful to spend as much time as he could in the monastery among the monks. In the 1980?s during his house arrest at St Bishoy’s Monastery, [...]

Desert Fathers

Give Me a Word


Give Me a Word: The Alphabetical Sayings of the Desert Fathers, PPS52 (Popular Patristics) When Christians first began living as monks in the Egyptian desert at the beginning of the fourth century, they had few books and almost no learning. As they gained experience, they concentrated that experience in the form of an oral tradition [...]


As word of the wisdom and purity of the Desert Fathers and Mothers spread throughout the Roman Empire, Christians streamed to the caves of these hermits, seeking counsel on the interior life. The hermits’ ascetic practices and teachings were a shining witness to a living faith – offering wisdom for both monastic and lay Christians. [...]


Monastic Treasures for All of Us gathers together a collection of homilies and lectures given by the Thrice-Bless Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory, the 117th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Although these homilies were delivered to monastic communities, the spiritually nourishing teachings reflect on biblical teachings that are applicable to all [...]


Saint Theodora


Youssef Habib was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1909. He was fluent in the Coptic Language and dedicated the latter part of his life as a consecrated servant devoting his life, time, and efforts to the study and writing of saints’ biographies. Searching through various manuscripts in the monasteries, he discovered many unknown saints and [...]