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The Sayings of the desert fathers is the collective wisdom of the monks who lived in the Egyptian desert. This collection of sayings is a summary of their, victories, struggles, downfalls, and teachings on the spiritual life. For centuries these sayings have taught and inspired men and women to live the monastic life and guided [...]


His Grace Bishop Macarious of El Minya, Egypt, expounds upon several practical topics relevant to the Christian life: Sanctifying the Moment, Life of Submission, Prostrations, Habit Formation, Redeeming the Time, Self-Examination, The Virtue of Asceticism, and the Virtue of Thanksgiving


The Fifty Spiritual Homilies St. Makarios the Great THE GUIDEBOOK FOR FINDING GOD Quite simply one of the greatest works ever written, the Fifty Spiritual Homilies are light-bearing gifts from the Holy Spirit. In the collection of the Fifty Spiritual Homilies, Saint Makarios describes the different effects of the grace of God within us. By [...]


The Sayings of the Desert Fathers FOLLOWING THE FATHER’S FOOTPATHS TO HEAVEN A precious collection of the wisdom of the saints in memorable sayings saturated in grace. The Desert Fathers lived in silence, fasting, and prayer, and found hesychia—the deep inner stillness that leads the soul to spiritual peace and perfect union with God. Concentrating [...]


The Life of Saint Hilarion the Great THE GREAT DISCIPLE OF SAINT ANTHONY THE GREAT Through a life of astounding fasting, vigil, and prayer, what Anthony was for Egypt, Hilarion became for all of Palestine and beyond. The disciple of Saint Antony the Great, the Father of monasticism, Saint Hilarion lived in Gaza in great [...]


The Life of Saint John Chrysostom. THE ASTOUNDING SAGA OF THE GREATEST HIERARCH OF THE CHURCH Behold the forbearance and spiritual love par excellence of a saint tested by fire and revealed as purest gold. Palladius renders the magnificent portrait of a man who stood above the world in the realm of the eternal. Chrysostom’s [...]


Panegyrics on Saint Basil and Saint Athanasios. PRAISE FROM THE PINNACLE OF DIVINE GRACE AND ELOQUENCE Saint Gregory the Theologian—the greatest orator the world has ever known—praises two of the supreme shepherds of the Church who saved their Orthodox flocks from the wolves of heresy. In the beauty of his writings, Saint Gregory surpassed the [...]


A PRINCE’S JOURNEY FROM AN EARTHLY EMPIRE TO THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM. The Lives of Saints Barlaam and Ioasaph St. John of Damascus’ captivating story of Barlaam, a holy solitary elder, and Ioasaph, the son of a pagan king, weaves Orthodox theology into an enrapturing narrative. An excellent Orthodox catechism that inspires readers to seek deeper [...]


JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF THE DESERT The Desert Fathers left us their lives as guides so that we could follow their footprints to the priceless peace found only in God. “One day as I, Paphnutios, was praying in solitude and silence, it came into my mind that I should make a visit to all [...]

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Saint Anthony the Great


THE FATHER OF ORTHODOX MONASTICISM “Look earnestly into what is written in this book, and you will learn everything exactly regarding the life of virtue.” —St. John Chrysostom “If thou wouldest be perfect, go, sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come, follow Me, and thou shalt have treasure in the [...]


The Life of Saint Daniel the Stylite LIVING THE ANGELIC LIFE BETWEEN EARTH AND HEAVEN Atop a pillar, just shy of heaven, rivers of miracles flowed from the man of God into the entire world. Born through the tearful prayers of his barren mother, who then dedicated her child to God, Saint Daniel embraced the [...]


The passions are spiritual viruses of the soul—Saint Cassian provides the course of therapy for the divine cure. Beyond simply depicting the way of life adopted by the illustrious elders of the desert, Saint John Cassian systematically presents the order of combat against the leading passions—spiritual diseases dragging the soul to every sin and eventually [...]

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