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Marriage and Virginity According to St. John Chrysostom By Fr. Josiah B. Trenham This book is a treasure trove of the distilled counsels of St. John Chrysostom—distilled from his thorough knowledge of and love for the Holy Scriptures and his profound respect for and obedience to the mind of the Church—concerning matters of great interest [...]

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Youth and Family Life


Youth and Family Life By: H.G. Bishop Moussa 72 pp.

Marriage & Family Life

5 Love Languages for Children


You know you love your child. But how can you make sure your child knows it? The #1 New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages® has helped millions of couples learn the secret to building a love that lasts. Now discover how to speak your child’s love language in a way that he or [...]


What is God’s plan for marriage? What should play a role in one’s decision to marry? How does He want me to determine how to choose my spouse? This book provides the answers to these questions and more. His Grace Bishop Youssef uses many Biblical examples and references to illustrate the many factors which should [...]

Marriage & Family Life

Love & Rescpect in the Family


Children need love. Parents need respect. Dr. Eggerichs believes it’s as simple – and complex – as that! In this insightful message, he explains that conflict arises when frustrated moms and dads feel dishonored, while kids blurt “You don’t care about me!” – generating what he calls the “family crazy cycle.” Learn to establish healthier [...]

Marriage & Family Life

One Flesh


Is the Church too negative about sex? Beginning with this provocative question, Fr. Lawrence Farley explores the history of the Church’s attitude toward sex and marriage, from the Old Testament through the Church Fathers. He persuasively makes the case both for traditional morality and for a positive acceptance of marriage as a viable path to [...]

Marriage & Family Life

Glory and Honor


The Orthodox Church embodies a living Tradition that integrates a long, unbroken practice of marriage with its theology, cosmology, liturgy, mystical asceticism, and anthropology. As such, the Church has a great deal to offer all those who desire to come to a deeper understanding of marriage and family life. This collection draws upon the riches [...]

Marriage & Family Life

Marriage: Orthodox Perspective


Marriage: An Orthodox Perspective By Fr. John Meyendorff It is impossible to understand either the New Testament doctrine on marriage, or the very consistent practice of the Orthodox Church without seeing Christian marriage in the context of the Eucharist… The very notion of marriage as a sacrament presupposed that a man is not only a [...]


New to America? Want to serve newcomers? Curious about the history of Coptic immigration to the U.S.A.? Trying to adapt yourself to your new environment? Coptic Orthodox Christians have been immigrating to the United States in droves over the last few decades, and their ability to adapt to their new environment has varied greatly. Bishop [...]


This booklet is the first in a new series of booklets by His Grace Bishop Youssef addressing the topic of “Family Counseling.” “This series consolidates a number of very interesting lectures which His Grace had delivered to students in several family counseling centers; the resulting booklets are now a valuable reference for the social and [...]


Looking for a life partner should ideally be looking for a friend and someone with whome to become intimate with for life. Searching for a spouse to argue with or boss around is definitely not normal nor the right intention behind marriage and establishing a family. Bishop Youssef emphasizes in this book that intimacy in [...]

Marriage & Family Life

Naked and Unashamed


Happy marriages don’t just happen. Despite the abundance of magazines and self-help books available, people continue to struggle with marriage. Wedding planners, consultants, Pinterest pages, and bloggers have shaped young hearts to dream and plan for the biggest day of their lives. The day is everything, and they will plan each element with precision, from [...]