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Weddings and Wedlock : Insights from the Church Fathers on Happiness, Marriage, and Wedding Celebrations

Moheb Thomas (Author); Youstina Thomas (Author); His Grace Bishop Youssef (Forward); Rev. Fr. Abraham Wassef (Forward)


Weddings and Wedlock : Insights from the Church Fathers on Happiness, Marriage, and Wedding Celebrations Moheb Thomas (Author); Youstina Thomas (Author); His Grace Bishop Youssef (Forward); Rev. Fr. Abraham Wassef (Forward) Marriage has existed since the creation of mankind, and wedding festivities celebrate one of the most joyous milestones in life. This book outlines the [...]


One of the best-known references on the life of Christ now available in one unabridged volume! Alfred Edersheim’s The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah is a storehouse of information on the background of the New Testament. This classic work successfully portrays the streets, the marketplaces, the religious conflicts, the people, and the places [...]


Father Luigi Gambero, internationally-known expert on early Christianity, presents a comprehensive survey of the development of Marian doctrine and devotion during the first eight centuries. Focusing on the lives and works of over thirty of the most famous Church Fathers and early Christian writers, Fr. Gambero has produced a clear and readable summary of the [...]


Old Testament: An Introduction : Historical Traditions: Volume 1 This revised edition of Paul Tarazi’s The Old Testament: An Introduction Historical Traditions takes into account twelve years of additional research. The way historical background is presented constitutes the biggest change: this book no longer includes a reconstruction of the ‘history of Israel.’ The author concludes [...]


New Testament Introduction, vol. I; Paul and Mark This is the first of a four-volume New Testament Introduction series by Fr Tarazi, which presents never-before published results of the author’s own research. Here we find the kind of perceptive exegesis of St Paul’s epistles we would expect from the author of the groundbreaking commentaries on [...]


Origen By: Fr. Tadros Malaty


Russia has long exercised a special fascination for people in the West, which has been increased recently by the publicity given to the dissent of its leading intellectuals. Western Christians, tortured by self-doubt and an agonizing revaluation of all their values, are now hearing new and strange voices from Russian that bear testimony to the [...]


While there are a few books that recounts the history of the Coptic church before the council of Chalcedon there are not many that talk about the period after the council and before and after the Arab conquest and the political turmoil of the time and how all this affected the church. This book consists [...]


History tells of political and social unrest in Egypt around the time of President Anwar Sadat n 1981. President Sadat exiled His Holiness Pope Shenouda to the monastery of St Bishoy on 3 September 1981. What followed was the imprisonment of several Bishops and laymen without justifiable cause in what became a very unsettled time [...]


What if God designed your church? What if He came down and told an architect exactly how to make it: building materials, size, shape, where to place the furniture, what art to place there…every detail? Wouldn’t you wonder, WHY? Why this type of wood or this kind of metal? Why this artwork here instead of [...]


In the fourth century, a nun named Egeria traveled through the Holy Land and wrote an account of her experiences. In the twenty-first century, Fr. Lawrence Farley followed partially in her footsteps and wrote his own account of how he experienced the holy sites as they are today. Whether you’re planning your own pilgrimage or [...]


The Temple


This updated edition has been newly typeset in an easy-to-read, modern typeface. Now it is easier and more enjoyable than ever before to read, study, and consult this classic work. Citations from Scripture, rabbinic sources, and the works of Philo and Josephus enhance the reader’s understanding of the temple, kits sacrifices, ministry, personnel, and services. [...]