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Follow Me


Follow Me, a book by Fr. Daoud Lamei 149 Pages


His Grace Bishop Macarious of El Minya, Egypt, expounds upon several practical topics relevant to the Christian life: Sanctifying the Moment, Life of Submission, Prostrations, Habit Formation, Redeeming the Time, Self-Examination, The Virtue of Asceticism, and the Virtue of Thanksgiving


On the Vanity of Riches ONE OF CHRYSOSTOM’S MOST BRILLIANT AND COMPELLING WORKS The holy archbishop preaches on the vain and fleeting character of worldly honor, prosperity, luxury, and wealth. The homilies contained within this volume are some of the most fascinating discourses in history. When a former eunuch-slave Eutropios finagled his way through intrigue [...]


Homilies on Profitable Subjects. PERFECT HEALTH AND WEALTH FOR THE SOUL Chrysostom’s famous treatises to prove that no one can harm the man who does not injure himself. As a foremost physician in the Orthodox science of spiritual healing, Saint John Chrysostom, in the homilies offered in this volume, masterfully presents the Master and the [...]


Panegyrics on Saint Basil and Saint Athanasios. PRAISE FROM THE PINNACLE OF DIVINE GRACE AND ELOQUENCE Saint Gregory the Theologian—the greatest orator the world has ever known—praises two of the supreme shepherds of the Church who saved their Orthodox flocks from the wolves of heresy. In the beauty of his writings, Saint Gregory surpassed the [...]


The Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. THE WAY TO PRAYER AND BLESSEDNESS The Father of the Fathers expounds upon the most important Gospel passages. “Prayer is intimacy with God and spiritual vision of the invisible. It satisfies all our yearnings and makes us equal to the angels. Through it good prospers, evil is destroyed, and [...]


Headings on Spiritual Knowledge: The Second Part, Chapters 1-3. St Isaac of Nineveh (7th c.), or Isaac the Syrian, is renowned for his spiritual writings. After only five months as bishop of Nineveh, he returned to a life of solitary stillness in the desert of modern-day Iran. His Spiritual Homilies (homilies 1–6 in PPS 11) [...]


In this companion volume to the popular When You Pray, L. Joseph Letendre explores the underpinnings of the Church’s practice of fasting and of ascetic discipline in general. Rather than being preoccupied with the details of food regulations, he helps the reader understand the purpose of fasting and how to enter into it more willingly [...]


“I am an Orthodox Christian.” In the West, people often find this a confusing statement. Many feel that you have left out the necessary qualifier: “Do you mean Russian Orthodox or Greek Orthodox?” How are we to define this word “Orthodox” in a way that transcends and yet accounts for ethnic backgrounds? What sets apart [...]


This book gives selections from his major writings, including the Confessions and the City of God. In these he puts forth the faith of the Church with unequalled brilliance, charm and forcefulness. The Daily Reading Series presents selections from the spiritual classics in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation. These pocket size books [...]


Here is a selection from the simple and profound words of one of the greatest spiritual writers in the Orthodox tradition. This book should throw fresh light on the spiritual path. The Daily Reading Series presents selections from the spiritual classics in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation. These pocket size books are [...]


The Philokalia – a collection of the best writings from Orthodox spiritual masters across many centuries – is a treasure trove of direction for the spiritual life. But it can be overwhelming at first glance. Popular author and podcaster Angela Doll Carlson set herself the mission of reading through The Philokalia in a year and [...]

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