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When we face hardships in our lives, we sometimes accuse God that he has forsaken us or that He no longer cares for us.The story of Jonah the prophet is a story that illustrates that this is not God’s true position towards us during these hard times. The story of Jonah is a story full [...]


The four canonical Gospels, which are universally accepted by Christians as the inspired Word of God, present a synopsis of the most essential elements of the life, death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, in themselves, they tell us little about the life of the Virgin Mary, or Joseph, or even the childhood [...]


The Life of Saint Daniel the Stylite LIVING THE ANGELIC LIFE BETWEEN EARTH AND HEAVEN Atop a pillar, just shy of heaven, rivers of miracles flowed from the man of God into the entire world. Born through the tearful prayers of his barren mother, who then dedicated her child to God, Saint Daniel embraced the [...]


Headings on Spiritual Knowledge: The Second Part, Chapters 1-3. St Isaac of Nineveh (7th c.), or Isaac the Syrian, is renowned for his spiritual writings. After only five months as bishop of Nineveh, he returned to a life of solitary stillness in the desert of modern-day Iran. His Spiritual Homilies (homilies 1–6 in PPS 11) [...]


The stories of St. Thekla, St. Juliana, St. Perpetua, St. Felicitas, St. Anna the Prophetess, St. Paula, St. Barbara, St. Mary of Egypt, and others are told by women, who also share their stories. Inspiring, revealing, funny, and sad, the authors explore how the witness of these women has influenced their lives. 196 Pages


Every chapter of this book is the result of the authors’ penetrating research, as well as personal spiritual engagement with the women saints being studied. In addition, each chapter includes questions for further personal reflection or group discussion. The results of this collaboration bring vividly to life a number of well-known and lesser-known women saints. [...]


His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew proclaimed 2008 as a year dedicated “in remembrance…of the words and loving works of St. Paul, and in celebration of two millenia since his birth.” In order to celebrate this milestone anniversary, the Ecumenical Patriarch convened a symposium that traveled from October 11-16, 2008, through cities of Turkey and Greece [...]

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If We Confess Our Sins


A practical guide, offering the reader words of encouragement on preparing for confession.


The Life of Repentance and Purity provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the practice of repentance and purity, essential aspects of Christian life. Pope Shenouda III draws on Scripture, the Church Fathers, his own experience of desert monasticism, and his experience as a shepherd to millions of Christians to provide a practical understanding of [...]

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Time and Despondency


Idleness. Apathy. Restlessness. Procrastination. These are symptoms of what early Christian theologians called despondency (acedia), a spiritual sickness rooted in a lack of care or effort. A condition as old as the ancients, despondency thrives in today’s culture of leisure, anxiety, and digital distraction. Time and Despondency is a penetrating synthesis of ancient theology, spiritual [...]

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Putting Joy into Practice


Putting Joy into Practice: Seven Ways to Lift Your Spirit from the Early Church is an invitation to a life of joy. Phoebe Farag Mikhail explains what joy is and how to experience it through seven spiritual practices that cultivate our inner lives and connect us to our communities. These seven practices, which include giving [...]

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