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The Gospel of Mark The Suffering Servant By: Lawrence R. Farley


Do U Know?


A compact game for full-size fun! Turn playtime into Bible-time with this fast-paced family card game. It’s similar to Uno, but in addition to matching colors and numbers, players must answer questions about Bible facts, characters, and stories. Perfect for long road trips and rainy afternoons, you’ll increase your knowledge of important Bible characters and [...]


The translation of the commentary of Cyril of Alexandria (ca. 376-444) on the Pentateuch, known as the Glaphyra, or “elegant comments,” is now completed by this second volume. Volume 1 contained the whole of his remarks on Genesis, and now Volume 2 presents his comments on Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, along with indices for [...]


Orthodox Christian Bible Commentary: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, and PhilemonBy: His Grace Bishop YoussefThis Orthodox Christian commentary is derived from a series of sermons given by His Grace Bishop Youssef of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, where His Grace has been serving in this capacity since the early 90s. ABOUT [...]

Bible Studies

Living the Beatitudes


An exploration of the Beatitudes as they relate to the everyday experience of followers of Christ. The authors discuss the basics of Christian faith, while offering practical counsel for Christian living. By following the way of the Beatitudes, as the authors write, “We shall be happy in the Lord.”


Ambrosiaster (“Star of Ambrose”) is the name given to the anonymous author of the earliest complete Latin commentary on the thirteen epistles of Paul. The commentaries were thought to have been written by Ambrose throughout the Middle Ages, but their authorship was challenged by Erasmus, whose arguments have proved decisive. The commentaries, which serve as [...]

Bible Studies

Long-Suffering Love


A Commentary on Hosea By: Eugen J. Pentiuc with Patristic Annotations


Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Old Testament XII Jeremiah, Lamentations General Editor: Thomas C. Oden


Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Old Testament X Isaiah 1-39 General Editor: Thomas C. Oden


Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Old Testament VIII Psalms 51-150 General Editor: Thomas C. Oden

Bible Studies

Of Prophets and Poets


Antioch Fathers on the Bible By: Robert Charles Hill


Gregory of Narek’s Commentary on the Song of Songs Translated from the Armenian by: Roberta Ervine