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Old Testament: An Introduction : Historical Traditions: Volume 1 This revised edition of Paul Tarazi’s The Old Testament: An Introduction Historical Traditions takes into account twelve years of additional research. The way historical background is presented constitutes the biggest change: this book no longer includes a reconstruction of the ‘history of Israel.’ The author concludes [...]


New Testament Introduction, vol. I; Paul and Mark This is the first of a four-volume New Testament Introduction series by Fr Tarazi, which presents never-before published results of the author’s own research. Here we find the kind of perceptive exegesis of St Paul’s epistles we would expect from the author of the groundbreaking commentaries on [...]


Spriral-bound New Testament 103 Handbook: The Catholic Epistles & the Book of Revelations. By Fr. Arsenious Abba Moses 120 pages


140 pages.


By: Fr. Athanasius Iskander


This is a scholarly translation of Enarrationes in Psalmos, St. Augustine’s lengthiest and possibly his most important exegetical work. The first volume covers Augustine’s notes and commentaries on Psalms 1 through 29, the second volume covers psalms 30-37. Augustine’s theme is the Church, less as on external institution than as the very locus and center [...]

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Job For Teens


The book of Job is regarded as one of the wisdom books found in the Old Testament, fit for all times and all people. It speaks of the sufferings of a blessed man by the name of Job who has to deal with many tribulations as well as the accusations of his friends. In all [...]


Part 5: The Pauline Epistles By: Fr. Daniel Azer Sous


Getting the most out of Bible reading time just got easier. This handy guide is small in size but big on information. Author Terry Glaspey addresses the top questions people have about the Bible, presents a 90–day reading plan, and eases the intimidation factor as he shares verses for comfort, peace, and grace 7 ways [...]


The bestselling Rose Book Of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines was the 2007 #1 Bible Reference book sold in Christian bookstores! Spiral bound for ease of use, this is a must-have for every pastor and teacher. It offers 180 pages of full-color Bible charts, maps, and time lines —all reproducible. A $250 value when [...]


Enrich your Bible study with up-to-date scholarship and hundreds of color photos! Succinctly introducing the culture of biblical times, Beck’s illustrated guide clarifies often misunderstood portions of God’s Word. His fascinating insights on ancient manners, customs, work, daily activities, and more will help you grasp the full meaning and context of Scripture with the help [...]