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English Agpeya – St. Anthony Edition Features: Hard Cover – leather-bound NKJV Scriptue Silver gilded Ribbon 273 pages Dimensions: 5 3/8″ x 4″


The Rite of the Prostration Prayers Fr. Boutros El-Souryani 144 Pages


The Rite of the Lakkan Prayers. Coptic / Arabic. Fr. Boutros El-Baramosy 176 Pages


Prayers of Blessing of Homes and The Sacrament of the Unction of the Sick. St. Anthony Church of Abu Dhabi 144 Pages


Psalis and Doxologies for El-Baramos Monastery Saints – Coptic / Arabic. Fr. Botros El-Baramosy. 200 Pages


Verses of the Cymbals and Doxologies for the Raising of Incense. H.G. Bishop Dimitruis 56 Pages


The Myron and the Hagielaion rite – Arabic. Saint Bishoy Monastery. 40 Pages


The Holy Liturgy Book. Coptic / Arabic. El- Moharreq Monastery. 698 Pages


Annual Sundays Katameros in Coptic. St Mina Monastery. 446 Pages


El-Sourian Kiahk Psalmody Coptic/Arabic. El-Sourian Monastery 1040 Pages


The Lakkan and Prostration prayers. The Lakkan of Epiphany feast, Holy Covenant Thursday, and the Apostles feast, and the prostration prayers of the Pentecost feast. Beni Sweif Committee 310 Pages


Psalies & Expositions of the Lord’s Feasts and the church occasions – Coptic and Arabic. The Church Psalters Committee 684 Pages