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Ten Sermons (Homilies) on The Holy Spirit. Bishop Mettaos 72 Pages


Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Son of the Living God – Volume1. Fr. Youssef Assad 224 Pages


The Validity of the Inspirations in the Old Testament . Bishop Raphael 64 Pages


Christ’s Presence In The Church. Bishop Raphael 80 Pages


Christ In The Book Of Genesis. Bishop Raphael 104 Pages


The Early Christian Studies: – Justin Martyr (Yustinus) The Philospher. – The Apologetics and the conversation with Tryphon, and other texts. St. Justin Martyr and the Philospher. 446 Pages


On The Trinity. Bishop Hilary of Poitiers. 880 Pages


The divine purpose of the creation. St. Gregory of Nyssa. 90 Pages


The study of Christology in the writings of the Church Fathers, the teachers. Dr. Saieed Hakim 282 Pages


In the beginning was the Word . Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Basil the Great 72 Pages


Justification and Reconciliation in Christ Jesus. Saint John Chrysostom 179 Pages


The Man does not choose his path. Saint John Chrysostom 55 Pages

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