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Virgin Mary -Icon of Simplicity By: H.G. Bishop Youssef


by His Grace Bishop Macarius This is a group of spiritual short stories. Some of them are true, others are true in part, the rest are fiction. Each story contains a certain idea to deliver a spiritual lesson. In these short stories we tried to convey some of the fathers’ philosophy in asceticism, dying to [...]


The Paradise of the Holy Fathers Volume II


The Paradise of the Holy Fathers Volume I


The Hermit Fathers


The Hermit Fathers is an account of the virtuous asceticism and admirable ways of life of the holy and blessed wilderness fathers. They are meant to inspire and instruct those who want to imitate their heavenly lives, so that they may make progress on the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven. The holy [...]


Arabic Books


Arabic Books By: Monastery of Abi Seifen