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The Asceticism of St. Anthony: His Life, Letters, and Teachings. St. Anthony The Great 320 Pages


The Early Christian Studies: – Saint Shenouda the Archimandrite: Life, Homilies, Canons – Volume 1. St. Wissa / St. Shenouda. 498 Pages


The Early Christian Studies: Monastic Hagiography in the Late Fourth Century: – Historia Monachorum (The Seven Monks) – Historia Monachorum (Rufinus) – The Lausiac History Rufinus and Bishop Palladius. 511 Pages


Thoughts on the Monastic Asceticism – Volume 2 El Baramos Monk 116 Pages


Thoughts on Monastic Asceticism Volume 3. El Baramos Monk 110 Pages


On The Virgins. Three volumes combined. St. Mary the Virgin, the pride of virginity. St Ambrose the Bishop of Milan. 72 Pages


Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria. The Defender of the Faith (444 A.D. – 454 A.D.) The Late Metropolitan Mar Gregorios Boules. 300 Pages


The Embassador of The Poor (The needy) – Saint John Chrysostom. Dr. Hakim Yacoub 217 Pages

Arabic Books

The Calling Of Paul


The Calling Of Saint Paul the Apostle. Saint John Chrysostom 51 Pages


Saint Stephen the Protomartyr of Christianity. Saint Gregory of Nyssa 59 Pages


The life and the homilies of Saint Severus of Antioch. The full writings of the historian Youssef Habib. 1st Volume: Patristics Youssef Habib 664 Pages


Saint Cyril of Alexandria and the Holy Bible. Dr. George Awad 168 Pages