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The Embassador of The Poor (The needy) – Saint John Chrysostom. Dr. Hakim Yacoub 217 Pages

Arabic Books

The Calling Of Paul


The Calling Of Saint Paul the Apostle. Saint John Chrysostom 51 Pages


Saint Stephen the Protomartyr of Christianity. Saint Gregory of Nyssa 59 Pages


The life and the homilies of Saint Severus of Antioch. The full writings of the historian Youssef Habib. 1st Volume: Patristics Youssef Habib 664 Pages


Saint Cyril of Alexandria and the Holy Bible. Dr. George Awad 168 Pages


The Samaritan (St Photini) Arabic Books 81 pages By Dr. Saeed Hakim Yakoob


Beneficial Stories for Service. H.G. Bishop Gregory 112 Pages


The Sayings of Holy Fathers and Non-Orthodox Clergy and Scholars. H.G. Bishop Gregory 144 Pages

Arabic Books

St. Cyril the Great


St Cyril the Great the Alexandrian the Pillar of the Faith H.G. Bishop Gregory 16 Pages

Arabic Books

St. Clement of Rome


St. Clement of Rome and An Introduction to the Apostolic Fathers . By: Fr. Tadros Malaty 32 Pages

Arabic Books

St John The Baptist


The commeration of St. John the Baptist. Fr Tadros Malaty 32 Pages

Arabic Books

St. Afrahat


The Story of St. Afrahat with a simplified introduction in the Syrian literature By: Fr. Tadros Malaty 112 Pages