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The Seven Sacraments in Lines and Verses. H.G. Bishop Moussa 48 Pages


The Apostolic Succession in the Orthodox Ideology. H.G. Bishop Raphael 56 Pages


Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Son of the Living God – Volume1. Fr. Youssef Assad 224 Pages


For the Life of the World. His Grace Bishop Raphael 120 Pages


The Civilization of Death. Can it be controlled? and can people stop killing one day? “Build Your Theological Thought” Series – The Third Book. Fr. Angelos El Baramosy 288 Pages

Arabic Books

Blessed Be My People


Blessed be my people. Have humans learned to act brutalized on their own? and what caused this current situation? “Build Your Theological Thought” Series – The Fifth Book. Fr. Angelos El Baramosy 320 Pages


Struggle And Martyrdom. “Build Your Theological Thought” Series. First Book. Fr. Angelos El Baramosy 320 Pages


The Early Christian Studies: – Justin Martyr (Yustinus) The Philospher. – The Apologetics and the conversation with Tryphon, and other texts. St. Justin Martyr and the Philospher. 446 Pages


On The Virgins. Three volumes combined. St. Mary the Virgin, the pride of virginity. St Ambrose the Bishop of Milan. 72 Pages


The Mother of God and Simeon The Elder – A Spiritual Meeting. St. Gregory of Nyssa. 51 Pages


On The Trinity. Bishop Hilary of Poitiers. 880 Pages


Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria. The Defender of the Faith (444 A.D. – 454 A.D.) The Late Metropolitan Mar Gregorios Boules. 300 Pages

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