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The Ascetics of Qumran and their manuscripts. A Wilderness of Shiheet Monk. 183 Pages


The Prayer As The Bible Teaches. Fr. Angelos El-Baramosy 309 ages


The Essence of the Monastic Life. Fr. Raphael El Baramosy 160 Pages


The Asceticism of St. Anthony: His Life, Letters, and Teachings. St. Anthony The Great 320 Pages


The Early Christian Studies: – Saint Shenouda the Archimandrite: Life, Homilies, Canons – Volume 1. St. Wissa / St. Shenouda. 498 Pages


Monastic Letters / Messages Fr. Anatoly The Russian 544 Pages


Thoughts on the Monastic Asceticism – Volume 2 El Baramos Monk 116 Pages


Thoughts on Monastic Asceticism Volume 3. El Baramos Monk 110 Pages


The letters of Saint Antony the great. Saint Antony the great 104 Pages


The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian. Translated from the Greek and Syriac by the El-Baramos Monastery . Hardcover Saint Isaac The Syrian 804 pages


The Samaritan (St Photini) Arabic Books 81 pages By Dr. Saeed Hakim Yakoob

Arabic Books

Monastic Guidance And Advices – Part 3

Fr Matthew The Poor 32 Pages


Monastic guidance and advices. Part 3 Fr Matthew The Poor 32 Pages

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