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NT 101 Flash Cards Bundle


200 flash cards. Dimensions: 4″ x 3″


140 pages.

$4.99 $3.99

By Pope Tawadros II Language: Arabic


Biblical Criticism Part 2 – The inevitability of the Trinity and the monotheism. – The inevitability of the Divine Incarnation. St Mark & St Peter Church 400 Pages


Biblical Criticism Part 1 – Questions on the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible, and the myth of the Gospel of Bernaba. St Mark & St Peter Church 232 Pages

Arabic Books

The Book of Judith


Patristic Bible Commentaries on the Book of Judith according to the Early Church Fathers. Fr Tadros Malaty 264 Pages


Eschatology in the Holy Bible and in the Jewish Thought. Fr. Tadros Malaty 192 Pages


To my brother the youth ( Homlies on Purity) Fr. Tadros Malaty 40 Pages


The Interpretation of the Gospel of St. John Part two (Chapters 11 -21) According to St. Cyril the Alexandrian 544 Pages


Beneficial Stories for Service. H.G. Bishop Gregory 112 Pages


The Sayings of Holy Fathers and Non-Orthodox Clergy and Scholars. H.G. Bishop Gregory 144 Pages


The Audible and Optical Revelations and the Intellectual and Bodily Travel. H.G. Bishop Gregory 88 Pages