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– The Crucified Jesus is a 20th century classic that has finally been made available in the English language. It is a group of contemplations on the events that took place during Holy Week, with a special chapter of contemplations on the words of Jesus on the Cross. – Makes a Great Read for Lent [...]


A Diary of A Repentant P2 By: Fr. Youssef Assad


The Divine Incarnation By: Late Bishop Bemin


Hymns and Readings of Bright Saturday in Coptic and Arabic


Flood, Plagues, Wars and a loving God? Revision & Introduction by: His Grace Bishop Youssef Written By: Fr. Gabriel Wissa An elegant Christian book that will help you unlock the mysteries of the violence in the Old Testament and provide a correct understanding of the One True Living God of the Bible. God has endured [...]

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A Silent Patriarch


A Silent Patriarch: Kyrillos VI (1902–1971) is the first scholarly biography of the desert hermit who became a most unlikely patriarch. Until now the details of his life have remained hidden. As patriarch, Kyrillos inherited a bleeding church, one confronted by political Islamism, an indifferent Muslim president, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Silent [...]


By: Fr. Athanasius Iskander


This is a scholarly translation of Enarrationes in Psalmos, St. Augustine’s lengthiest and possibly his most important exegetical work. The first volume covers Augustine’s notes and commentaries on Psalms 1 through 29, the second volume covers psalms 30-37. Augustine’s theme is the Church, less as on external institution than as the very locus and center [...]

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The Book of the Elders


In the early part of the fourth century, a few Christians, mostly men and some women, began to withdraw from “the world” to retreat into the desert, there to practice their new religion more seriously. The person who aspired to “renounce the world” first had to find an “elder,” a person who would accept him [...]


In the flood of christian ascetics who left the world to seek God alone, Simeon chose a novel withdrawal. He mounted a pillar and remained there the rest of his life. To him came supplicants with all kinds of problems: personal anguish, sickness and pain, infertility, sin, and social transgression. Public issues were mediated at [...]

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The Way of Humility


Andre Llouf’s probing essay on the nature of humility reVisions this fundamental Christian virtue away from the misunderstandings of both the scholastic tradition and its modern counterparts to locate humility in the ancient sources of the monastic tradition. His incisive study prefaces a collection of primary texts which range from the early desert fathers to [...]