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Many modern readers think of the Book of Numbers with a groan. And it does begin slowly, with several chapters detailing the census of Israel. But once we get past those chapters, Numbers becomes a thrilling narrative of Israel’s journey through the desert as well as a cautionary tale about how not to respond to [...]


This set includes four books containing Orthodox Christian Reflections by Patrick Henry Reardon. Creation History and Worship The Trial of Job Wise Lives This bundle is a $57.99 value for only $44.99! For more information on each book, visit each item individually.


“The book of Job always constituted essential and formative reading about the ways of the soul. This has always been the conviction of the spiritual classics through the centuries. Yet, for some reason, the figure of Job is elusive to us-possibly because by seems so comfortably distant; or perhaps because he seems so frightfully close. [...]


Chronicles of History and Worship Orthodox Christian Reflections on the Books of Chronicles By: Patrick Henry Reardon


The Book of Genesis is foundational reading for the Christian, concerned as it is with the origins of our race and the beginnings of salvation history. Its opening pages provide the theological suppositions of the entire biblical story: Creation, especially that of man in God’s image, the structure of time, man’s relationship to God, the [...]


Orthodox Chrisitan Reflections on The Wisdom of Sirach By: Patrick Henry Reardon