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The Nativity and Me is a book characterising the transformative aspects of the journey from the Annunciation to the Epiphany. While contemplating on the events of the Nativity of Christ, Fr Bishoy Kamel helps the reader relate these events to our everyday events. In this book Fr Bishoy Kamel provides deep contemplations inspired from ancient [...]


By: The Late Father Bishoy Kamel The Church and its modern challenges has become such a common expression among us. It is an incorrect and dangerous expression because it places the church in the weak position of being challenged by the modern age. In reality, the church, through her children, has challenged the world and [...]


Through the blood He trampled death by His death. He passed-over with those who were in the graves to eternal life. Such is the journey of the Passover that was intended by God. It took various forms throughout the breadth of time, yet each time the Passover did not occur except through the blood.


By: The Late Father Bishoy Kamel Salvation was not possible through a prophet, such as Moses, but through the descent of God Himself. For this reason, before God sent Moses to Pharaoh, He descended to earth in the burning bush that was not consumed. It was a symbol of salvation, which had to start with [...]


By: The Late Father Bishoy Kamel The continuous contemplation on the crucifixion of our Lord profits the soul with freedom, peace, power and forgiveness. For as much as we increase our contemplation on the cross, our fellowship and knowledge of the Lord Jesus becomes deeper.


Arabic Books By: Fr. Bishoy Kamel A Day with the Lord Christ