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The greatest summary of our Orthodox Christian faith is made understandable to young people. Using stories, the author simplifies the truths of the Creed and makes them relevant to the lives of young people in today’s world. Designed to instruct the basic truths of the Orthodox faith as expressed in the Nicene Creed. A study [...]


An excellent companion for those who are passing through the valley of the shadow of death due to the death of a loved one. Combines superb insights on coping with grief along with the healing that comes from the spiritual resources of our Orthodox Christian faith down through the ages. Two-page chapters on facing pages [...]


Where Moth and Rust Do Not Consume A treasury of inspiring thoughts and ideas designed to strengthen stewardship in the local parish. Shows how the Church Fathers among many others emphasized the stewardship of time, talents and possessions as a living expression of Christian discipleship. 5 1/2″ x 8 1/4″


Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home Like the priest, parents represent God to their children. They are religious educators just by being parents. Here is a book filled with ideas to help Orthodox Christian parents become effective priests and religious educators in the home. Greatly revised and expanded. 5 1/4″ x 8″


A fascinating study of the Twelve Great Feast Days of Orthodox Christianity through the written and visual Gospels (the Bible and the Icon), emphasizing their meaning for us today. This book is a treasure trove of inspiration that flows to us from the Twelve Great Events in the life of our Lord. Includes 24 icons [...]


Philokalia, The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality Brings the Orthodox spirituality of the Philokalia out of the monastery into everyday living. Addresses the relevance today of the subjects covered by the Fathers of the Philokalia, i.e. Vigilance (nepsis), Ascesis, Overcoming the Passions, etc. It is not a book for theologians but for the average Orthodox lay [...]


Orthodox spirituality for everyday living. The many practical methods of practicing God’s presence described in this book are drawn from the lives of countless saints in the rich experience of the Church through the centuries. Designed to help you enrich your spiritual life.


Classic Orthodox prayers for every occasion and need. Through the centuries the Holy Spirit has inspired countless Church Fathers and saints to compose magnificent prayers that are now readily available for personal or family use in this handy pocket-size volume. Includes sections on Praying the Daily Hours; Preparation for Confession; Prayers Before and After Communion; [...]


Confronting and Controlling Thoughts According to the fathers of the Philokalia Orthodox spirituality places great emphasis on thoughts (logismoi) since everything we do begins in the mind. The Fathers of the Philokalia have much to teach about confronting and controlling thoughts. Since the average person experiences 4000 thoughts each day, the experiences of these Fathers [...]


A Beginner’s Introduction to the Philokalia This beginner’s guide to the great five-volume classic of Eastern Orthodox spirituality studies the many concepts addressed in the Philokalia. Each chapter focuses on a single spiritual concept explaining it as simply as possible. Chapters include: Watchfulness (Nepsis), Logismoi (Thoughts), Ascesis, Theosis, The Passion, Stillness (Hesychia), the Jesus Prayer, [...]


Christ’s Comfort for Those Who Sorrow “…we entrust the souls of our dear loved ones who have passed on into the Presence of One who is Love.” In Christ’s love are our loved ones welcomed and in His love are we comforted. Through the voices of our Savior, our Fathers, and those who have faced [...]