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English Agpeya


Diocese of the Southern United States English Agpeya – same text as Coptic Reader.


The Liturgy Book, 2nd Edition By: Diocese of the Southern United States


Now available, the Liturgy of St. Basil in easy-to-read English with attractive pictures. These books will help our children build strong foundations with the Eucharist. Pages: 36 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


Communion handkerchief with simple design of a red and gold cross.


Noah’s Ark is ready to sail again, and so are its many passengers! Youngsters can help them get under way with these entertaining and easy-to-color pictures. They’ll recreate an image of the legendary ark, learn why it was built, and discover who its inhabitants were. Clearly rendered scenes depict Noah and his family preparing for [...]


Now available, the Agpeya prayers of the First, Eleventh, and Twelfth Hours in simple English. With attractive images, we can now teach our children how to start and end their days with prayers. Pages: 39 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


In this book, you will find insightful and concise answers to 35 tough questions about God, Christianity and the Bible, such as: Who created God? Why did God create people knowing they will end up in hell? Why is there so much evil in this world? Can I live a good moral life without God? It is [...]


A fun, creative, easy way to teach our children about the Altar Vessels. Perfect for Sunday School Classrooms or for at-home use. Engage our children during lessons of the Divine Liturgy. Comes with cut-out pieces to make a fun, quick craft.

Apparel & Accessories

Olive Wood Stretch Rosary


Our Gethsemane collection features devotional items made of exotic hardware with a true olive wood finish. This bracelet makes a great gift or give-away for just about anyone. The bracelet is made up of olive wood finish beads and a small stone cross accent all strung on a durable stretch cord. It is adjustable for [...]

Bible Studies

How to Study the Bible


If you’re new to studying the Bible, chances are you’re unfamiliar with the types, tools, and techniques involved. In this concise overview, longtime Bible teacher Robert M. West offers practical guidance and encouragement as he discusses inductive method, word studies, commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances. Discover the joy of time spent in God’s Word! 96 pages, [...]


The True Art


The True Art of Successful Living


Why Protestant Clergy are Becoming Orthodox Edited By: Peter E. Gillquist

Crosses & Crucifixes

Handmade Priest Cross



Communion handkerchief with design of gold cross.


For centuries, Christians have been challenged and inspired by the writings of the early church fathers. Their exhortations, thoughts, and meditations have been a beacon of light and hope to church leaders, laity, and theologians including Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley. Day by Day with the Early Church Fathers presents selections of these [...]


The Orthodox Way


This book is a general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians by the author of the now classic The Orthodox Church. It raises the basic issues of theology: God is hidden yet revealed; the problem with evil; the nature of salvation; the meaning of faith; prayer; death and what lies beyond. [...]


In this book, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III (1923-2012), contemplates each of the Lord’s seven words in turn, starting with “Father, forgive them” through to the Lord’s final word, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit”. His Holiness reveals how each of the the seven words are full of his life and benefit, as [...]

Apparel & Accessories

St. Moses Acrylic Car Tassel


Acrylic car tassel with an image of St. Moses. Car tassel also includes the name of the Abbey at the bottom. Dimensions: 14″ in length and 0.25″ in thickness

Crosses & Crucifixes

Handheld Wood Cross Style 2


Handheld wood cross with beautiful engraving. Dimensions: 8.25″


This set includes all eight books about the Stories of Saints for Kids. St. Mary St. Moses St. Mark St. George St. Mina St. Philomena St. Karas Pope Shenouda III This bundle is a $31.99 value for only $24.99! For more information on each book, visit each item individually.

Altar Candles & Candlesticks

IHS Resin Candlestick


An extremely unique twist on your traditional altar candlestick from Sudbury Brass™. This has a durable moulded base with a metal socket and bobeche. Electroplated to mimic a high polished brass finish. — Resin — 6-1/2″H, 7″W Base , 1-1/2″ Dia Socket Sold as individual item. Candle not included.

Word of wisdom

The Ascetic Lives of Mothers

Chastity is a weapon against lust; it isn’t only for virgins. Chastity is purity of heart, mind, and body. This means being mindful of what we watch, read, listen to, and say. We don’t want to hide our heads in the sand or make some alternate reality for our children, but we do want them to understand the world around them in a loving and godly context. How can we expect our children to control their passions if we aren’t guarding our own eyes, mouths, and ears?


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