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English Agpeya


Diocese of the Southern United States English Agpeya – same text as Coptic Reader.


Communion handkerchief with simple design of a red and gold cross.


Now available, the Agpeya prayers of the First, Eleventh, and Twelfth Hours in simple English. With attractive images, we can now teach our children how to start and end their days with prayers. Pages: 39 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


Communion napkin with gold border and beautiful design of a Cross with the word Jerusalem under it.


Now available, the Liturgy of St. Basil in easy-to-read English with attractive pictures. These books will help our children build strong foundations with the Eucharist. Pages: 36 Size: 6.5″ x 6″


The Liturgy Book, 2nd Edition By: Diocese of the Southern United States

Crosses & Crucifixes

Handmade Pocket Cross


Handmade product made by the monks of St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey. Dimentions: 4″ x 1.75″


Carry around a reminder of your Salvation with these light-weight wood keychains.


Carry around the Name of Christ with the reminder of your Salvation with these light-weight wood keychains.


Noah’s Ark is ready to sail again, and so are its many passengers! Youngsters can help them get under way with these entertaining and easy-to-color pictures. They’ll recreate an image of the legendary ark, learn why it was built, and discover who its inhabitants were. Clearly rendered scenes depict Noah and his family preparing for [...]

English Books

A Silent Patriarch


A Silent Patriarch: Kyrillos VI (1902–1971) is the first scholarly biography of the desert hermit who became a most unlikely patriarch. Until now the details of his life have remained hidden. As patriarch, Kyrillos inherited a bleeding church, one confronted by political Islamism, an indifferent Muslim president, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Silent [...]


Carry around a reminder of your Salvation with these light-weight wood keychains.


Communion handkerchief with design of gold cross.


A fun, creative, easy way to teach our children about the Altar Vessels. Perfect for Sunday School Classrooms or for at-home use. Engage our children during lessons of the Divine Liturgy. Comes with cut-out pieces to make a fun, quick craft.


Crosses & Crucifixes

Handmade Priest Cross


Apparel & Accessories

Olive Wood Stretch Rosary


Our Gethsemane collection features devotional items made of exotic hardware with a true olive wood finish. This bracelet makes a great gift or give-away for just about anyone. The bracelet is made up of olive wood finish beads and a small stone cross accent all strung on a durable stretch cord. It is adjustable for [...]


In this book, you will find insightful and concise answers to 35 tough questions about God, Christianity and the Bible, such as: Who created God? Why did God create people knowing they will end up in hell? Why is there so much evil in this world? Can I live a good moral life without God? It is [...]


This set includes all eight books about the Stories of Saints for Kids. St. Mary St. Moses St. Mark St. George St. Mina St. Philomena St. Karas Pope Shenouda III This bundle is a $31.99 value for only $24.99! For more information on each book, visit each item individually.


Now available, the lives of Coptic Orthodox saints in a new, fun, and colorful way. Finally, a great opportunity to learn about Coptic Orthodox saints in easy-to-read English and attractive drawings about these amazing lives. Pages: 8 Size: 4″ x 6″

Incense Products

Incense-1 lb


Word of wisdom

Way of the Ascetics

It follows from this that prayer is your first and incomparably most important means of fighting. Learn to pray, and you vanquish all the evil powers that could imaginably assail you. Prayer is one wing, faith the other, that lifts us heavenward. With only one wing no one can fly: prayer without faith is as meaningless as faith without prayer. But if your faith is very weak, you can profitably cry: Lord, give me faith! Such a prayer seldom goes unheard. The grain of mustard seed, says the Lord, grows into a great tree. The person who wants sunshine and air opens the window. It would be folly to sit behind drawn curtains and say: There is no light; there isn’t a breath of air! Let this picture show you clearly how prayer works. God’s power, or grace, is always and everywhere accessibly to all, but one cannot get one’s share of it without wanting it and acting accordingly.

Chapter 15, ON PRAYER, Tito Colliander

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