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     St. Moses Bookstore began at the St. Mary and St. Moses Coptic Orthodox Abbey in Sandia, Texas in 2005 as a small shop at which retreatants could purchase basic gifts or books to remember the Abbey or bring back a blessing from the Abbey to their friends and family.  From its’ humble beginnings in the corner of the Abbey dining hall, the bookstore has since emerged to flourish and occupy its’ own building at the Abbey full of a wide variety of gifts and books. 

     We thank God that He has blessed and benefited many through the bookstore to the extent that an online facet was requested and needed to serve the demands of those who benefit from it.  With the guidance and blessing of His Grace Bishop Youssef, Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States and Abbot of St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey, the Abbey’s monks and brothers, as well as retreatants from various places began to work hard to present a Website fitting of their beloved St. Moses.  After many months of preparation, in honor of their intercessor, the Strong St. Moses, the Abbey opened the online bookstore to the public on his feast of commemoration, July 1st, 2010.


     Unlike the traditional bookstore, since St. Moses Bookstore is managed as part of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States, our main purpose is the spiritual benefit of those souls seeking to grow.  We strive to provide customers with the widest variety of Orthodox books and gifts for minimal financial gain.  Since the bookstore is managed by volunteering monks and brothers the financial gain is used solely to provide for the Abbey’s needs and to expand the bookstore to better cater to those souls seeking spiritual benefit. 

     This focus is also rooted in the ancient deserts of Egypt where faithful pilgrims used to walk tirelessly through the sweltering sun of the desert to find an elder and hear “a word of wisdom by which they may live”.  In our modern times because it is not always possible to physically come to the Abbey for retreat we have followed the guidance of St. Pachomius the Father of Communal Coenobitic Monasticism when there was a lack of spiritual elders and guides in the deserts.  St. Pachomius standing in the midst of his monastery’s collection of books motioned with hands to the full shelves and said, “These are your elders”. 

     It is in this spirit that the Abbey is joyful to present St. Moses Bookstore to the Coptic Orthodox faithful and all the children of God.

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Sayings of the Desert Fathers

God befriends the naive and reveals Himself to the humble. (Saint Toma el-Kambisi )

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